Once upon a time, there was a Rat Princess, who lived with her father, the Rat King, and her mother, the Rat Queen, in a ricefield in far away Japan. The Rat Princess was so pretty that her father and mother were quite foolishly proud of he... Read more of THE RAT PRINCESS at Children Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Book - Cabin Fever

All Chapters and Short Stories

The Fever Manifests Itself
Two Make A Quarrel
Head South And Keep Going
Bud Cannot Perform Miracles
Bud Takes To The Hills
Into The Desert
Many Barren Months And Miles
The Bite Of Memory
Emotions Are Tricky Things
The First Stages
Marie Takes A Desperate Chance
Cabin Fever In The Worst Form
Cash Gets A Shock
And Bud Never Guessed
The Antidote
Lovin Child Wriggles In
They Have Their Troubles
Bud Faces Facts
Lovin Child Strikes It Rich
Marie's Side Of It
The Cure Complete