There was once a King who had an only daughter. She was as lovely as a princess ought to be and by the time she reached a marriageable age the fame of her beauty had spread far and wide over all the world. Neighboring kings and even distan... Read more of The Pigeon's Bride at Children Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Book - Hidden Gold

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The Coming Of The Sheep
A Meeting And A Parting
The Gathering Storm
The Old Trail
Higher Than Statute Law
The Battle At The Ranch
The Senator Gets Busy
Tangled Threads
Desperate Measures
Into The Depths
A Dastard's Blow
The First Clew
A War Of Wits
A Rescue And A Vigilance Committee
Baffled But Still Dangerous
The Storm Bursts
With Bare Hands At Last
Church-going Clothes