Effect: Magician lays out 11 cards and asks a volunteer to move several cards over from the right side to the left side while the magician's back is to the cards so he/she doesn't see how many. Then, when the volunteer is done the magician... Read more of Card Trick 2 at Card Trick.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Book - The Barrier

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The Last Frontier
Poleon Doret's Hand Is Quicker Than His Tongue
Without Benefit Of Clergy
The Soldier Finds An Untrodden Valley
A Story Is Begun
The Burrell Code
The Magic Of Ben Stark
The Knife
The Awakening
Meade Burrell Finds A Path In The Moonlight
Where The Path Led
A Tangled Skein
Stark Takes A Hand In The Game
A Mystery Is Unravelled
And A Knot Tightened
John Gale's Hour
The Love Of Poleon Doret
Runnion Finds The Singing People
The Call Of The Oreads