The card to be forced is at the bottom of the deck. Hold the deck face down in the Hindu shuffle position in the left hand, i.e., hold the deck with the third phalanx of the fingers with the thumb on one long edge and the other four fingers on the... Read more of The Hindu Shuffle & Force at Card Trick.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Western Stories

Discover what the old west was like through western stories.

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An Unwelcome Guest
The Outcasts Of Poker Flat
Cutting Sign
Through Two Snows
The Mysterious Motor-car
The Return Of The Excelsior
On The Just And The Unjust
Another Landslide

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Chapters or Short Stories

The Wife Of Chino
Mr Verinder Complains
Prosperity And Parting
A Woman On The Trail
Napoleon Shave-tail
Stark Takes A Hand In The Game
A Night With The Indians
Again A Hidden Enemy
Black Sage And Juniper
The Scent Of Desert-water

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