A man left his cat with his brother while he went on vacation for a week. When he came back, he called his brother to see when he could pick the cat up. The brother hesitated, then said, "I'm so sorry, but while you were away, the cat died." The ma... Read more of Cat on the roof at Free Jokes.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Discover what the old west was like through western stories.

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Tex Ewalt Hunts Trouble
Rogers Takes A Hand
Two Pictures In The Fire
A Kinsman Of Red Cloud
An Unwelcome Guest
Miss Darling Arrives
When Greek Meets Greek
On The Just And The Unjust
When Greek Meets Greek

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A Mysterious Shot In The Darkness
The End Of The Silent Campaign
The Penalty
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Another Surprise
Along The Mountain Trail
The Face Of Failure
An Hour Too Late
The Battle At The Ranch
Runnion Finds The Singing People

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